New Builds

Building a new home is an exciting process. It gives you the opportunity to include unique features that will make your life more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. All this starts with smart design and detailed planning.

At JBH, we are all about efficient building techniques and using the latest technology available. Our focus is on a high-end finish, the finer detailing, and making sure everything fits together and lines up perfectly. We are proud to provide our clients with top notch craftsmanship, and we are aligned with hand-picked sub-contractors who are the best in the business and that share our values: Honesty, Transparency, Respect, and Trust.

In today’s world, more people choose an energy-efficient design for their new home as it makes sense on all levels, from saving money to protecting the environment. A focus on energy efficiency also builds the home’s value in future markets.

It is worth it to upgrade from the minimum building code levels of insulation and incorporate energy efficiency such as appropriate heating and cooling solutions from the beginning. This is called a Passive Home, which means it combines sustainable, durable building materials to create a more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home that lasts.

5 Benefits of a Passive Home

  1. A healthier home: People living in warm, dry houses have less respiratory health issues.
  2. Lower power bills: The payback starts with your first power bill. You can save up to 50% per year.
  3. Doing your bit for the planet: Making environmental choices and using less resources makes sense.
  4. Less maintenance: Avoid the cost and hassle of dampness, mould and mildew issues and repairs.
  5. Higher resale value: Energy efficiency is a fantastic selling point if you put the house on the market.

JBH has completed several successful high spec residential builds utilising ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) structures and SIP (Structural Insulated Panels). These high-performance building materials are perfect for creating the ultimate sustainable home.

The Principles of a Passive Home

  1. Airtight construction
  2. Thermal insulation
  3. High-performance glazing
  4. Thermal bridge reduced detailing
  5. Heat recovery and ventilation
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